EVENTS for Maryland Archaeology Month April 2021

Maryland Archeology Month - April 2021

The Archeology of Healing and Medicine


In this time of viral contagion, Maryland Archeology Month focuses on the material remains of our collective past that speak to our response to illness and disease. From botanical remains to medical devices to the containers that held the various nostrums and drugs, archeology can contribute to our understanding of humanity’s efforts to defeat sickness and promote health. Join us in exploring this dimension of the human experience and how we have responded over the centuries. This year's booklet is available to download, Maryland Archeology Month 2021 Booklet. You can also read the articles published online under our 2021 Articles page! This year's poster is available here.

This year we have the added benefit of being able to plan with the pandemic as the controlling factor. Since in-person events are not possible at this point, we have planned some exciting virtual events! An example will be video interviews with the authors of the eight essays presented in this year's booklet. These short and casual videos will be posted on the Maryland Historical Trust’s YouTube channel, with links provided on this website, as well as the website of the Archeological Society of Maryland ( There will also be a live-streamed webinar with three of the authors on Thursday April 22 at 2pm where they will speak on their essay topic for 10 minutes, followed by discussion and audience Q&A. Several virtual in-depth lectures are also planned. And you can expect written blogs and other online content. You’re going to be busy this April! You’ll want to watch this website closely!

No upcoming events at the moment

Christopher Browne, ca. 1685

A New map of Virginia, Maryland and the Improved Parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division