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From Shovel to Showcase
Maryland State Museum of Archaeology
2010 Archeology Month

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This year’s theme, From Shovel to Showcase, highlights the importance of bringing archeological discoveries out of the ground and all the way to the public. Raising the public’s awareness of and appreciation for Maryland’s archeological resources and programs helps assure their survival. It is appropriate that in 2010, Maryland Archeology Month should showcase archeology at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum (JPPM), for it was 30 years ago that Mrs. Patterson’s tenant, Lana Brown, contacted representatives of the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) about artifacts she had found on Patterson’s Point Farm. The actions of a single interested citizen set in motion a chain of events that have changed archeology in Maryland forever. To learn more about this story and the formation of the Maryland Archaeological Conservation (MAC) Laboratory and Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, download the booklet!



Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Michael A. Smolek

  • The Truth About Archeology, Patricia Samford

  • A Quarter Century of Excavation and Research at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Ed Chaney

  • The Importance of Conservation, Caitlin E. R. Shaffer

  • Archaeological Conservation at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, Nichole Doub

  • The Importance of Curation, Rebecca J. Morehouse

  • Archeological Curation at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, Sara Rivers Cofield

  • Educational Opportunities: Archeology Month and Beyond, Kim Popetz

  • Public Archeology at JPPM: A Hands-on Learning Opportunity, Ed Chaney

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