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Facing the Past for Maryland's Future
2011 Archeology Month

MAM_2011 R.jpeg

There are multiple meanings that can be found in this year's theme. "Facing the past", read plainly, can mean turning our attention to the past. A less overt reading of this theme, but one that is of great interest to archeologists, invokes the idea of putting a human face on the past.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction. Charles L. Hall

  • Soapstone Maskette. Jesse Walker

  • Helmeted Figure from Sparrow's Rest. Al Luckenbach

  • Tobacco Pipe with Effigy Head. Rebecca J. Morehouse

  • Prehistoric Steatite Maskette. Dennis Curry

  • Pistol Butt Cap with Grotesque Face Decoration. Kelly Cooper

  • Harness Boss, Calvert Penny, and Effigy Pipe. Silas Hurry

  • Turk's head Tobacco Pipe. Rebecca J. Morehouse

  • Camden Yards Piano Baby. Patricia Samford

  • Transfer-Printed Face of a Boy. Kathryn Deeley

  • Loyola Medal, Dagger Pommel, and Figural Salt. Silas Hurry

  • Horne Point Fireback. Nicole Doub

  • Grit Tempered Ceramic Effigy. Darrin Lowery

  • Death's Head Printer's Type. Mark Leone, Jessica Mundt, Jocelyn Knauf, and Amanda Tang

  • Pope Pius IX Medal. Sara Rivers Cofield

  • Gustavus Adophus Medal, and Putti Head. Silas Hurry

  • Bald Friar Petroglyph. Charles L. Hall

  • A Two-Headed Man. Mark Leone and Amanda Tang

  • Frozen Charlotte Doll. Jocelyn Knauf

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