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Out Of The Ordinary: Tavern Archaeology In Maryland 
2015 Archeology Month

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The 2016 Archaeology Month theme highlights 50 years of archeological and historical research alongside public outreach by Historic St Mary's City. 




Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Beyond the Ordinary: Tavern Archeology in Maryland, Charles L. Hall 

  • Inn, Tavern or Ordinary? Rod Cofield 

  • The Ordinaries of St. Mary’s City, Silas Hurry 

  • The Indian Queen Tavern, Bladensburg, Julie Schablitsky

  • The Rumney/West Tavern, Al Luckenbach 

  • Dowden’s Ordinary, Heather Bouslog 

  • Archaeology at Charles Town, Emily Swain 

  • The White Swan Tavern (18KE232), Chestertown,
    Kent County, Maryland, Jay Custer 

  • The Ruth Saloon (1906-1912), Patricia Samford 

  • SHA Archaeology at the McCausland Tavern, 18HA234, Richard G. Ervin 

  • The Ordinary at Moore’s Lodge, Julia A. King and
    Scott M. Strickland 

  • A Note on Some Common Drinks in Colonial Maryland, Troy J. Nowak 

  • The Middle Ford Ferry and Tavern on the Monocacy River, Joy Beasley 

  • The Sign of the Ship, Jim Gibb 

  • The Cost of Hospitality, Silas Hurry 

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