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Historic St Mary's City: 50 Years Of Discovering And Sharing Our Past

2016 Archeology Month

The 2016 Archeology Month theme highlights 50 years of archeological and historical research alongside public outreach by Historic St Mary's City. 


Booklet-coming soon


Table of Contents

  • Historic St. Mary’s City: Fifty Years of Discovering and Sharing Our Past, Silas Hurry 

  • Before Maryland: Native Americans at St. Mary’s City, Silas Hurry

  • A Brief History of the Archeology of St. Mary’s City, Silas Hurry

  • Fifty Years of Discovery and Preservation, Henry Miller

  • Finding the City, Henry Miller 

  • Deciphering Archeology in New Ways, Henry Miller 

  • Explorations in a Colonial Cemetery, Henry Miller 

  • The Archeology Beneath the Museum, Silas Hurry 

  • Each Artifact a Story: History Written in Ten Objects, Silas Hurry 

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