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Charting The Past:

30 years of Exploring Maryland's Submerged History

2018 Archeology month

The 2018 Archeology Month theme celebrates 30 years of exploring Maryland's maritime archeology hidden beneath the depths of Maryland's Rivers and Bays.



Table of Contents

  • Charting the Past: 30 Years of Exploring Maryland's   Submerged History, Susan Langley  

  • The Claiborne Project, Michael Pohuski & John Kiser 

  • The MAHS Model: Partners in Preservation, Steven Anthony,   James Smailes and Dennis Knepper 

  • The Steamboat Columbus, Michael Pohuski & John Kiser 

  • 30 years of Avocational Archeology = Dirt, Mud, and   Mowing the Lawn, Bill Utley 

  • Black Panther - U-1105:  A German U-Boat in the Potomac River  Michael Pohuski & John Kiser 

  • Reconnoitering the Bay:  IMH’s Submerged Historical   Inventory Project (SHIP), David P. Howe 

  •  Mysteries of the “Ghost Fleet” of Mallows Bay Awaken a Passion  Paul Orlando 

  • Angling for Archeology, Troy Nowak 

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