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The Magic and Mystery of Maryland Archeology

2019 Archeology Month

The theme for this year allows for an examination on how people from the past who used certain objects may have viewed the world. The booklet offers examples of artifact studies that may provide insight into Maryland’s “magical” past. 



Table of Contents

  • Ancient Rituals at the Pig Point Site, Stephanie Sperling 

  • Witch Bottles and Bottle Charms, Rebecca Morehouse 

  • Coin Magic, Sara Rivers Cofield 

  • Fleet Street Bundle, Mark Leone 

  • A Crystal in the Kitchen, Lauren Schiszik 

  • Concealed Objects in Architectural Spaces, or “Anybody seen my shoes”?, Matthew Cochran and Jeanne Ward

  • An Interesting Chicken Burial at London Town, Amelia G. Chisholm 

  • Expressions of African Spirit Practices in Maryland’s Archeological Record, Julie M. Schablitsky

  • Magical Objects at the Brome Slave Quarter. Historic St. Mary’s City, Silas Hurry

  • Seeing Power in Buried Iron Objects, Kirsti Uunila

  • Hoyt’s Cologne, Patricia Samford 

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