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Partners in Pursuit of the Past

50 Field Sessions in Maryland Archeology

2020 Archeology month


This year the Archeology Month theme was a celebration of the 50th annual Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology.



Table of Contents

  • List of Field Session Sites 

  • Origins of the Annual Field Session in Maryland Archeology, Tyler Bastian 

  • My Greatest Discovery in Maryland Archeology, Richard J. Dent 

  • My Field Session Experiences (1983-2015), Robert D. Wall 

  • The Annual Field Session in Maryland Archeology: The View from Rosenstock, Dennis C. Curry and Maureen Kavanagh

  • Partnerships and People at Biggs Ford, Becca Peixotto 

  • ASM: A Partner in Pursing the Past, Don Housley 

  • Educating Partners at 50 Field Sessions, Nancy Geasey 

  • Special Delivery – the Biggs Ford Site, Susie Crum Culler

  • Family, Friends, and Field Sessions, Valerie L. Hall 

  • “Wow, cool, so you find dinosaur bones?”,   Elaine Frances Hall Chhean 

  • Field Sessions Remembered, Roy Brown 

  • Help Wanted, Brent Chippendale 

  • EVOLUTION, Rico Newman 

This year includes an online Storymap! This feature allows you to click on Archeology Sites throughout Maryland  where there have been Field Sessions from 1971 - 2020. By opening up a site, you can explore more information on the project that occurred there.

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