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The Archeology of Healing and Medicine
2021 Archeology Month


The 2016 Archaeology Month theme centers around healing and medicine, in an attempt to reflect hope and positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The essays in the booklet show how those who lived in this special place in the past faced health issues and healed through the use of medicine in very similar ways.




Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Archeology of Healing and Medicine, Charles L. Hall 

  • A Brief Overview of Personal and Tribal Health and Wellbeing of Maryland's Native Peoples Prior to European Colonization, Claude Bowen

  • Medical Artifacts from St. Mary's City, Silas Hurry 

  • Archeobotanical Evidence for the universal Remedy - Tobacco, Justine McKnight

  • The Strange Case of Excessive Bone Loss at the Patuxent Point Site, Julia A. King

  • Surgical Instruments from the U.S.S. Scorpion, Susan Langley

  • Soldier Health at a Camp of Instruction for the U.S. Colored Troops in Charles County, Maryland, Matthew M. Palus

  • Free Neighborhood Clinics, Mid-Nineteenth -Century Style, Patricia Samford

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