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At the Waters Edge: Our Past on the Brink

2017 Archeology Month

The 2017 theme is about the destructive force of water and its effect on archeological sites. When accelerating shoreline loss is coupled with the gravitational effects of water on human settlement throughout time, the inevitable result is tremendous destruction of archeological sites. 



Table of Contents


  • New Threats to Archeological Sites, and the New Normal, Jen Sparenberg  

  • Erosion and Archeological Site Loss Adjacent to the          Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Coast, Darrin Lowery 

  • A Return to Calverton, or What’s Left of It, Jason Tyler 

  • Protecting Eroding Sites at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Ed Chaney 

  • The Creeping Threat: Development, Sea Level Rise, Erosion, Subsidence, and the Archeological Resources       in St. Mary’s County, Scott Strickland 

  • Consumer Desire, Historical Archeology, and the Anthropocene, Julia A. King and Phil Levy 

  • Stemming the Tide:  A View from the Shoreline, Claude Bowen

  •  Using Old Maps & Computer Technology to Save          Archeological Sites, Anastasia Poulos 

  •  What Can We Do to Preserve our History? C. Jane  Cox 

  • Excavating and Monitoring Archeological Sites along          the Chesapeake Bay, Stephanie T. Sperling 

  • Calvert County, Where Land and Water Meet, Kirsti Uunila 

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