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St. Mary's City: 375 Years Old, Thousands of Years Young!
2009 Archeology Month

St. Mary's City: 375 Years Old, Thousands of Years Young. The year 2009 marks the three hundred-seventy-fifth anniversary of the arrival of the Maryland colonists in the Chesapeake and the founding of St. Mary’s City, the first permanent settlement and capital. 2009 is also the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of modern archaeology in St. Mary’s City with the work at the John Hick’s site, the home of an early 18th century planter and sea captain. Since the advent of the archaeology program at Historic St. Mary’s City, over three hundred archaeological sites and components have been identified within the National Historic Landmark. Explore several significant archaeology sites in St. Mary's City by downloading this years Booklet!

Click here to download the Booklet.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • St. John's Site. Henry M. Miller

  • The John Hicks Site, Steven Israel

  • Van Sweringen Site, Silas D. Hurry

  • The Leonard Calvert House, Henry M. Miller

  • Cordea's Hope, Silas D. Hurry

  • Smith's Ordinary, Henry M. Miller

  • Print House Site, Timothy B. Riordan

  • Chapel Field Site, Timothy B. Riordan

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