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  • Co-Chairs, Maryland Archeology Month Committee

African Diaspora Archeology: A Collaboration with Descendants.

Maryland archeology has many stakeholders including the archeologists themselves, government agencies dedicated to preserving cultural resources, descendant communities with ancestral ties to sites, local communities interested in excavations, academic institutions conducting research, museums curating and interpreting artifacts, and developers managing impacts to archeological resources during construction projects. Each stakeholder in the archeology community brings unique perspectives and priorities that influence the direction, methodologies, and outcomes for archeology projects.


Maryland Archeology Month 2024 highlights archeologists collaborating with African American descendant communities to conduct archeological research, preserve cultural heritage, and address historical injustices. These collaborations aim to incorporate African American traditional knowledge, perspectives, and interests into archeological studies through community-based participatory research, where community members actively contribute to research design, excavation, interpretation, and dissemination of findings.


We hope you enjoy the excellent case studies in this booklet highlighting great collaborations among archeologists and African American descendant communities in Maryland. These collaborations foster mutual respect and equitable sharing of knowledge, which result in more comprehensive and culturally sensitive interpretations of Maryland’s past.


Add your unique voice by becoming involved in the Maryland archeological community. Join the Archeological Society of Maryland, whose goals include the creation of bonds between avocational and professional archeologists. Volunteer on archeology projects in the field and the lab. Attend lectures, workshops, and site tours (see the Calendar of Events on the Maryland Archeology Month website, By participating in the archeological community, both you and Maryland archeology will benefit!   

Contributed by:

Caitlin Adams, Council for Maryland Archaeology

Macie Clerkley, Council for Maryland Archaeology

Katherine Sterner, Council for Maryland Arhcaeology

Zachary Singer, Maryland Historical Trust

Co-Chairs, Maryland Archeology Month Committee

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